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Upgrading tires


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Hey there folks, I have a question about upgrading the tires on my 2013 Crosstour EX-L V6. I have been informed that a 255/55 18 will actually fit my vehicle (the standard being 225/60 18), which is great because the BF Goodrich KO-2s only come in the larger size. Talked to several folks at Discount Tire, and it is an "authorized" fit for my vehicle, but he did express some concern with the aggressiveness of the tread possibly catching on some of the plastic/mud flaps.

My question is, has anyone on here tried anything like this, or have experience with this topic? I know the KO-2s are pretty pricey, but from what I understand, they are well worth the cost.

Or could this be a bad idea in general, and if so, why? Thanks!

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