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What is a Cheaper Tyre Toyota Hilux 4X4 UTE, Ford Falcon UTE or Holden Commodore UTE?


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I am looking soon to purchase wither a Toyota Hilux UTE, Ford Falcon UTE or a Holden Commodore UTE. But i am not sure on their prices with tyres can someone help me please? as i have motorbikes and rather than me buy a trailer and go to trouble i would rather get a UTE and put them on the back. So over all can someone give me feedback on the experiences with these 3 vehicles with:
Fuel Consumption
Tyre prices
Reliability with prices of parts and how long it lasts
Towing capacities and how much it can handle in actual UTE part not trailer
Wear and tear like shocks, wheel bearings etc

Thanks awaiting answers!

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