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where can i get sponsoring for my project S2 Audi coupe quattro?


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I'm looking for sponsor's to finish a project car that i want to take to car shows around the UK, I'm looking for a stainless exhaust system, audio install, wheels, and in car LED lighting, if any one has any ideas on who to contact I would like to hear from them or if any professionals would like such a show car I would like to hear from them too.

To date I have spent £3500 on restoring/fixing/sevicing the engine, tyres, tinting, brake lines
I have installed footwell L.E.D lighting.
now on reduced hours with my job I'm finding it hard to find the money to put into the project to finish it for the Weston wheels in August... will happly send photos of the car to any one interested in helping me achieve this...


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Audi ?

But if you have just ruined a nice car by blinging it up i suspect they wont want anything to do with it.

That Elizabeth Duke jewellers in Argos might sponsor it though, or kappa?

Audi spent billons on development and you think you can make a car look better by thinking you are hasselhof in kit !! Muppet.

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