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Which mercedes is the best for 400 dollar lease?

Got 'em

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hi, i have a maximum of 400$ month to use towards a lease on a mercedes and i dont really know what to get. any suggestions? i dont know much about down payment, finance, apr etc.


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Unless your company is paying for it, or it's otherwise tax-deductible, don't lease. You're essentially signing a long-term rental contract when you do that.

If you really want a Mercedes, then set yourself about a $20,000 maximum budget, and go to one of the internet car search engines and see what's available on the used market. You should be able to find a four-to-five year old C-Class or a six-seven year old CLK or E-Class. Get it checked out by a good independent mechanic who specializes in German metal, and don't sign anything more than a four-year note for it.

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