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Which used car has better "Reliability" the Lexus GX 460 or the Audi Q7?


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I am interested in getting either a used Audi Q7 (any model from 2008-2011) or Lexus GX 460 (2010-2011). I am curious as to why there are more used Audi Q7 listed than there are used Lexus GX460. In terms of reliability, such as engine trouble, car maintenance or any exterior problems and any of those sort of things, which car is better? I do not care about power, how fast it goes, or which one is more comfortable and bigger. I just care about which car has a higher chance of having engine problems and is more expensive to maintain. Any answers would help. Thanks!

P.S. I do not drive like a maniac or anything that can deteriorate a car engine.

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