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WTB - 7th Gen Parts NEEDED Urgently


New member
Hello all,

I'm picking up my black 7th gen Celica tomorrow, and have been driving a 6th gen for the past few years. The problem is that my 7th gen has some issues.

I immediately need hinges for the drivers door, so if you have them pm me and we can work something out. Also, I need basically the driver side front fender, and door, along with the front and rear bumpers. from there it gets weird.

I need sun visors, someone pulled the P-R-N-D-L cover out of the center console, along with the power mirror switch in the door, the fuse cover, the left and right center console plastic covers, the hood release lever is broken.

On and on,.. I'm going to post more once I pick it up tomorrow,. and will be fixing it up for the next few weeks.

I'm in Michigan and local is always good, but I'm happy to cover shipping on parts I need.


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